[Tips & Tricks] Everspace 2 Hardened Ore

Everspace 2 Hardened Ore: Finding, Mining, and Utilizing

What is Everspace 2 Hardened Ore?

Everspace 2, the space simulation game, is known for its various resources that players can collect while exploring the vast universe. One of the most valuable resources in the game is Hardened Ore. Hardened Ore is a rare resource that can be found within asteroids throughout the galaxy and is highly sought after by players.

Hardened Ore is essential for crafting high-level weapons, shields, and other equipment. As the name suggests, it is a highly durable and robust material, making it an essential resource for players looking to upgrade their gear and equipment.

How to Find and Mine Hardened Ore?

Hardened Ore is a rare resource, and players need to know where to look to find it. In Everspace 2, players will often find Hardened Ore within asteroids located in the asteroid belts scattered throughout the galaxy.

To mine Hardened Ore, players will need to equip a mining laser and approach an asteroid that contains the resource. Once the laser is activated, players will need to wait for the ore to be extracted slowly.

It’s worth remembering that mining activities in the game can attract hostile factions, so players will need to be prepared for any combat situations that may arise.

Utilizing Hardened Ore

Once players have mined Hardened Ore, they can use it to upgrade weapons, shields, and other equipment that can be crafted within the game.

The crafting system in Everspace 2 is comprehensive, with players able to create a wide variety of equipment and weapons through the use of resources such as Hardened Ore. Crafting is an essential aspect of the game, and players who invest time in it can create powerful items and gear that will give them an edge in combat situations.

Tip: How to Maximize Hardened Ore in Everspace 2

To maximize the amount of Hardened Ore players can collect, it’s advisable to invest in mining upgrades that increase mining speed and efficiency. Additionally, players can use equipment that boosts resource gathering to make the most of their time spent mining.

When it comes to crafting equipment, players should carefully consider the items they want to create and the resources required to do so. It’s often best to prioritize crafting items that will give the most significant combat advantage, such as high-level weapons and shields.


In conclusion, Hardened Ore is a valuable resource in Everspace 2 that is highly sought after by players. By knowing where to find it and investing time in mining and crafting, players can create powerful equipment and upgrade their gear to give them the edge they need to survive in the vast universe.

FAQs about Everspace 2 Hardened Ore

Q1: Can Hardened Ore be found on every planet in Everspace 2?
No, Hardened Ore is only found within asteroids located in asteroid belts throughout the galaxy in Everspace 2.

Q2: How rare is Hardened Ore?
Hardened Ore is a rare resource in Everspace 2, and players may need to spend some time searching for it.

Q3: Can Hardened Ore only be used for crafting equipment?
Yes, in Everspace 2, Hardened Ore is primarily used for upgrading and crafting weapons, shields, and other equipment.

Q4: Can players sell Hardened Ore in Everspace 2?
Yes, players can sell Hardened Ore for credits, which can be used to purchase other resources, gear, and equipment.

Q5: Is mining Hardened Ore dangerous in Everspace 2?
Mining Hardened Ore in Everspace 2 can attract hostile factions, so players should be prepared for any combat situations that may arise.

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