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TikTok PMV: Understanding the Rise of Music Videos on the Popular Social Media Platform

TikTok has been taking the world by storm with its engaging and entertaining short-form videos since its launch in 2016. However, lately, the platform has seen a surge in popularity of a new kind of content – PMVs or “Picture Music Videos.” These TikTok PMVs are essentially lip sync videos that feature different scenes from movies or TV shows synced with a popular track. These videos have gained a cult following amongst the TikTok community, with users uploading their own unique versions to showcase their creativity and editing skills. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the world of TikTok PMVs and explore what makes them so popular on the platform.

What are TikTok PMVs?

TikTok PMVs, as mentioned earlier, are short-form videos where users lip-sync to popular songs while showcasing different scenes from movies and TV shows. These videos feature different characters or actors synced with popular tracks, creating a unique and often humorous take on the song. The videos are typically 15 to 60 seconds long and have a cinematic appeal to them. Users often add their unique spin to the videos by incorporating text overlays, filters, and other visual effects to make them stand out on the platform.

Why are TikTok PMVs so popular?

TikTok PMVs are extremely popular on the platform because of their unique take on popular tracks. The use of popular movie and TV show scenes synced with a song creates a level of nostalgia amongst viewers, making them recall favorite moments from these shows and movies while enjoying a popular track. Additionally, the creativity and editing skills on display by users making these videos have helped them quickly gain traction on TikTok, with users attempting to outdo each other with their creations. The ability to create unique content that is often relatable and shareable on the platform has contributed to the rise of TikTok PMVs.

How can you make your own TikTok PMVs?

Making your own TikTok PMV can be a fun and engaging experience. Firstly, you need to choose your song and favorite scenes from movies and TV shows that you wish to sync the track with. Once you have these, choose a video editing app that you are comfortable with, such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere Rush, to start editing your video. Add text overlays, filters, and other visual effects to make your video stand out and showcase your creativity. Once you have edited and fine-tuned your video, you can upload it to TikTok and share it with the world.

What are some tips for creating engaging TikTok PMVs?

To create engaging TikTok PMVs, follow some of these tips:

  • Choose a popular track and scenes from movies and TV shows with a nostalgic appeal to them
  • Use creative text overlays, filters, and visual effects that make your video stand out from the competition
  • Keep your videos between 15-60 seconds for maximum engagement
  • Ensure your videos remain coherent and follow a storyline, even if they are synced with multiple movie and TV show scenes
  • Pay attention to lighting and audio quality when recording your videos to make them more professional-looking

What are some popular TikTok PMVs?

There are many popular TikTok PMVs on the platform, with some garnering millions of views and likes. Some of the most popular ones include “Love Story x Enola Holmes,” “Lose you to love me x twilight,” and “Lover x The Vampire Diaries.” These videos typically feature movie and TV show scenes that pair well with the song, creating a funny and often emotional experience for viewers.

Where can you find inspiration for TikTok PMVs?

Inspiration for creating TikTok PMVs can come from various sources, such as your favorite TV shows, movies, or even music videos. You can also check out popular TikTok user accounts dedicated to creating PMVs and see how they approach making their videos. Additionally, social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter can be a great source of inspiration, with many users sharing their own unique takes on popular tracks.


TikTok PMVs have emerged as a unique and creative form of content on the platform, showcasing the creative skills of users in sync with popular music. Their ability to evoke nostalgia, showcase creativity, and produce shareable content has helped them quickly gain popularity amongst the TikTok community. As the platform continues to evolve, we can expect a diverse range of TikTok PMVs that explore different genres, styles, and approaches to this unique form of content.


  • Q: How long should TikTok PMVs be?

    A: TikTok PMVs should be between 15-60 seconds for maximum engagement.
  • Q: Can I use copyrighted content in my TikTok PMVs?

    A: It’s best to use royalty-free content or obtain permission from the copyright owner before adding their content to your TikTok PMVs.
  • Q: Which video editing apps are best for making TikTok PMVs?

    A: Some of the best video editing apps for making TikTok PMVs include iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush, and LumaFusion.
  • Q: Are TikTok PMVs easy to make?

    A: Making TikTok PMVs requires a certain level of editing skills and creativity. However, with some practice and trial-and-error, anyone can create engaging and entertaining PMVs.
  • Q: Can I monetize my TikTok PMVs?

    A: It’s possible to monetize your TikTok PMVs by partnering with brands, affiliate marketing, or through TikTok’s Creator Fund program. However, it’s essential to read and follow TikTok’s community guidelines and terms of service when monetizing your content on the platform.
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